The Exploitation of Opportunities

Develop IP in house, joint venture, licence or file for the future.

Having developed some intellectual property to the level where it is open to exploitation a decision must be made about how this should be done. R&D and marketing personnel will be involved in an evaluation of the product or process to see if it is suitable for development within the company. If, for a variety of reasons, the answer is no, exploitation by other means will be considered. One way could be in a joint venture with an appropriate partner. Alternatively, it is possible to license or sell the intellectual property to another company, if this fits in with the company strategy. The final option is to abandon the project at this stage and to leave the data in the company secret files, for reconsideration at some future date. These options are shown in Figure C9.

The opportunities for exploitation, described above, arise from developments within the company and any transfer of technology would be outward. There are also those opportunities which arise from outside the company, but that could be developed within the company, if there was an inward transfer of technology. The transfer of technology is an increasingly common way of exploiting the opportunities from

Figure C9. Exploitation of New Intellectual Property

R&D on a wider basis between companies. In this book we will discuss technology transfer mainly on the basis of its inward movement to the company.

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