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PM Milestone Project Management Templates

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Having dealt with the selection and evaluation of projects for R&D, the steps in the Innovation Chain and the importance of time compression management in the introduction of new products, the next topic to cover is the management of projects, with particular emphasis on the managerial skills that are required.

Of the many skills required in Project Management the following are the key ones:

• Team Selection and Management

• Project Definition

• Resource Allocation

• Methodology: Planning and Controlling

Another way of looking at this is to see it as a series of WHAT, WHEN, WHO and HOW questions to be answered:

• WHAT is to be delivered by the project?

• What CONSTRAINTS are there on the project?

• WHO will place the constraints?

• What RESOURCES will be required?

• WHEN will they be required?

• WHO will supply the resources?

• HOW will they be supplied?

• WHAT will control the project?

• WHEN will control be applied?

• WHO will control the project?

• HOW will we know the project under CONTROL?

There are many commercial project management methodologies that cover these aspects of project management in different ways, and numerous texts on the topic and software, such as MS Project and its add-ons [D-13, D-14]. However, it is not the intention of this book to espouse the benefits of any one of these but rather to distil out the essential best practices from a range of such methodologies.

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