Section VI Medical Services

Introduction 364

Anthony W. Fox

30 An Introduction to Medical Affairs 365

Gill Price

31 Drug Labeling 371

Anthony W. Fox

32 Organizing and Planning Local, Regional, National and International Meetings and Conferences 375

Zofia E. Dziewanowska, Linda Packard and Lionel D. Edwards

33 Drug Surveillance 379

Howard J. Dreskin and Win M. Castle

34 Disease Management—What Does

Roy Lilley

35 Publishing Clinical Studies 403

Anthony W. Fox

Section VII: Legal and Ethical Aspects

Introduction 414

Sara Croft and Tim Pratt

36 Pharmaceutical Product Liability 421

Han W. Choi and Howard B. Yeon

37 Patents 431

Gabriel Lopez

38 Fraud and Misconduct in

Clinical Research 441

Frank Wells

0 0

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