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PM Milestone Project Management Templates

PM Milestone 7000 Project Management Templates

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Introduction 403

Adverse Drug Events 403 Medication Use Process 404 Improving the Quality of Medication Use 405 Organizational Influences On Medication Use Quality 406

Medication Policy Issues 407 Formulary Management 407 Analysis and Prevention of Medication Errors 409 Medication Use Evaluation 414 Summary 417

What Is Project Planning and Management? 424 Portfolio Design, Planning, and Management 424

Maximizing Portfolio Value 425 Portfolio Design 425 Portfolio Planning 426 Portfolio Management 427

Portfolio Optimization Using Sensitivity Analysis 428

Project Planning and Management 429

Project Planning 429 The Project Management Triangle 430 The Project Cycle 431 Project Planning and Management Tools 431 Decision Trees 432 Milestone Charts 432 PERT/CPM Charts 432 Gantt Charts 433 Work Breakdown Structures 433 Financial Tracking 434 Project Scheduling 434

Project Team Management and Decision-Making 434

Core Project Teams 434

Project Team Leadership and Project

Support 435 FDA Project Teams 435 Effective Project Meetings 436 Resource Allocation 436 Effective Project Decision-Making 436 Process Leadership and Benchmarking 436

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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