Pharmaceutical Continuous Flow

Ranitidine, 74

Rational drug discovery. See Drug discovery Rawlins, M. D., 390 Reason, J., 409

Receptor occupation theory, 291-292, 291f

Reduction, 153-154 Reidenberg, M. M., 1, 52, 53 Renal disease dose-effect relationship, graded,

289-290, 290f drug elimination, 50-51, 51t effects of on drug absorption, 54-55 on drug distribution, 53-54 excretion data, analysis and interpretation, 52 excretion mechanisms, 51-52 metabolism, 52-53, 53t overview, 49-50 reabsorption mechanisms, 52 tissue binding, 54 Renal excretion, 327 Renal function digoxin toxicity status, 6t dose-related toxicity, 6 elderly patients, 377-378, 378t, 382-383

interactions affecting excretion, 242 ontogeny, 365-366, 366ff Renal methadone clearnace, 346 Renal replacement therapy clinical considerations drug dosing guidelines, 65-67, 66t extracorporeal treatment of drug toxicity, 67-68, 67t overview, 65 dialysis clearance vs. dialyzer blood flow, 58f hemodialysis and hemoperfusion efficiency comparison, 68t kinetics of continuous renal replacement therapy clearance by continuous hemodialysis, 64 clearance by continuous hemofiltration, 63-64 extracorporeal clearance, 64-65 kinetics of intermittent hemodialysis factors affecting hemodialysis, 60-63

solute transfer across dialyzing membranes, 57-59, 58ff overview, 57, 58t selected therapies, 58t Renkin, E. M., 26, 58 Reproducibility, 159 Residence time calculations, 100 Resources, 243t. See also Web sites Rettie, A. E., 191 Revitalization Act (NIH, 1993),

325-326 Robin, M. A., 258 Rotating-drum artificial kidney, 57 Rothschild, J. M., 410 Ruelius, H. W., 160

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