Preface vii

Biographical Notes on Contributors ix

1 Plant Tissue Culture Procedure - Background 1

E.F. George

2 Micropropagation: Uses and Methods

3 The Components of Plant Tissue Culture Media I : Macro- and Micro-Nutrients 65

4 The Components of Plant Tissue Culture Media II : Organic Additions, 115 Osmotic and pH Effects, and Support Systems

T. Thorpe, C. Stasolla, E.C. Yeung, G-J. de Klerk, A. Roberts and E.F. George

5 Plant Growth Regulators I: Introduction; Auxins, their Analogues and Inhibitors 175

I. Machakova, E. Zazimalova and E.F. George

6 Plant Growth Regulators II: Cytokinins, their Analogues and Antagonists 205

J. van Staden, E. Zazimalova and E.F. George

7 Plant Growth Regulators III: Gibberellins, Ethylene, Abscisic Acid, their Analogues 227 and Inhibitors; Miscellaneous Compounds

I.E. Moshkov, G.V. Novikova, M.A. Hall and E.F. George

8 Developmental Biology 283

D. Chriqui

9 Somatic Embryogenesis 335

S. Von Arnold

10 Adventitious Regeneration 355

11 Stock Plant Physiological Factors Affecting Growth and Morphogenesis 403

J. Preece

12 Effects of the Physical Environment 423

E.F. George and W. Davies

13 The Anatomy and Morphology of Tissue Cultured Plants 465

Index 479

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