Jugans regia

Dandekar et al. (1988)

Dendrobium spp.

Ball and Arditti (1976)

Hevea brasiliensis

Chen Z. (1984)

Phalaenopsis spp.

Tanaka and Sakanishi (197S)

Leucaena obtusifoliun

Einset and Alexander (1985)

Thunia alba

Singh and Prakash (19S4)

Lonicera periclymemum

Boonnour et al. (1988)

Vanilla planifolia

Kononowicz and Janick (19S4a)

Olea europea

Rugini and Fontenazza (1981)

Herbaceous dicotyledons

Angelonia salicariaefolia

Cucumis sativus

Glycyrrhiza glabra

Rosmarinus officinalis

Rorippa nasturtium

Solanum tuberosum

Datta and Datta (19S4)

Handley and Chambliss (1979)

Shah and Dalal (19SG, 19S2)

Misra and Chaturvedi (19S4)

Wainwright and Marsh (19S6)

Hussey and Stacey (19S1a) Kristensen (19S4)

Paulownia tomentosa Poncirus trifoliate Prosopis julflora Prunus armeniaca Quercus robur Salix spp. Syringa spp. Syringa x chinensis

Burger et al. (1985) Barlass and Skene (1982b) Wainwright and England (1987) Snir (1984) Chalupa (1984a,b) Chalupa (1981a, 1983) Einset and Alexander (1985) Welander N.T. (1987)

not always result from the reversion of floral meristems. In fact the direct formation of adventitious shoots is more widely reported.

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