Media and growth regulators

Media for single node culture are intrinsically the same as those suitable for shoot culture. As in shoot culture, optimum growth rate may depend on the selection of a medium particularly suited to the species being propagated, but adequate results can usually be produced from well-known formulations.

It is often unnecessary to add growth regulators to the medium; for example, the shoots of some plants (e.g. Chrysanthemum morifolium) elongate satisfactorily without any being provided. If they are required, regulants at both Stages I and II will usually comprise an auxin and a cytokinin at rates sufficient to support active shoot growth, but not tissue proliferation or lateral bud growth. Sometimes gibberellic acid is advantageously added to the medium to make shoots longer and thus facilitate single node separation.

Fig. 2.4 Single and multiple node culture Stage one cultures can be initiated also from meristem or shoot tips.

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