Regeneration from root pieces

In vitro shoot regeneration from root pieces is mainly reported from plants that possess thick fleshy roots such as those of the genera Cichorium, Armoracia, Convolvulus, and Taraxacum. It is, however, a method of propagation that is potentially applicable to a wide range of species (Browse, 1980; Hodge, 1986). Shoots have, for instance, been induced to form directly on segments and apices of the roots of Citrus and Poncirus seedlings (Sauton et al., 1982). Shoot regeneration from root pieces does not offer a continuous method of micropropagation unless there is a ready supply of aseptic root material (e.g. from isolated root cultures). Roots grown in soil in vivo are usually heavily contaminated and can be difficult to sterilize to provide an adequate number of uncontaminated cultures. They can however be used as an initial source of shoots which can be multiplied afterwards by shoot culture [e.g. Robinia (Chalupa, 1992)].

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