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What causes PTSD?

How do I know if I am suffering from PTSD?

Why do I keep having nightmares about what happened?

Why do I feel keyed up, stressed-out, and on-guard all the time?

Why can't I let go of what happened?

Will I ever be or feel normal again?

Does drinking alcohol or using drugs help or make things worse?

Can you become an alcoholic or drug addict because of trauma?

What's the best treatment or form of help?

Are some people more prone to developing PTSD than others?

Chapters 4-7 Chapters 3, 10 Chapters 4-7

Chapters 4-7

Chapters 4-7 Chapter 11, 22 Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Chapters 11-17 Chapter 4

I hope that the CGPTSD can live up to your expectations as well as my own. These were just a few points and tips to grease the intellectual gears and help ease you into your study of a tough and oftentimes disturbing topic. Just as many of us know the power of trauma, we also know the desire and pull to help those who suffer. If you haven't noticed so far, I tend to be light at times, and I like to use humor. This should not be mistaken for a carelessness toward PTSD or a minimization of the pain that PTSD can bring. I hope that my respect for survivors, their friends and family, and the countless others who reach out to help, shows in the thoroughness of this work and the quality of its presentation.

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