Recommendation V2 Establish a quality agenda Investigators professional societies

state agencies, payors, and funding agencies should establish a quality agenda with the intent of maximizing outcomes with current technology for infants born preterm.

This agenda should:

• Define quality across the full spectrum of providers who treat women delivering pre-term and infants born preterm;

• Identify efficacious interventions for preterm infants and identify the quality improvement efforts that are needed to incorporate these interventions into practice; and

• Analyze variations in outcomes for preterm infants among institutions.

5. Investigate the Role of the Health Care Delivery System

Recommendation V-3: Conduct research to understand the impact of the health care delivery system on preterm birth. The National Institutes of Health, the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research, and private foundations should conduct and support research to understand the consequences of the organization and financing of the health care delivery system on access, quality, cost, and the outcomes of care as they relate to preterm birth throughout the full reproductive and childhood spectrum.

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