We found rigorous evaluation data for 15 mass media interventions addressing HIV-related behaviours among young people: 11 examined interventions in Africa, 2 in Latin America, 1 in Asia, and 1 examined a programme that took place in 44 countries (Table 7.3). No studies of print-only materials met the inclusion criteria. Intervention designs are summarized in Table 7.3. One study evaluated a radio-only campaign (which we have designated a type 1 intervention) (5). Six of the studies evaluated interventions using radio with other supporting media (for example, written materials, videos, posters, theatre performances, school workshops); these are designated type 2 interventions (6-11). The remaining eight interventions involved television and radio with other supporting media; these are designated type 3 interventions (1222). One intervention ("Soul City" in South Africa) was evaluated in two studies (17-19). All studies are described in detail on the web.

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