Relative effectiveness of different types of interventions

This section summarizes findings by intervention type (Table 7.5 and Table 7.6). Although we highlight the results of the five goals of the UN Declaration and nine possible outcomes (see section 7.2.1), a given study usually reported on only three or four of these outcomes. The summary below is based on the studies that reported findings for the relevant variables. Radio only

The one radio-only campaign (study A) showed mixed results: significant improvements were achieved in awareness of an AIDS hotline but there were no improvements in social norms, interpersonal communication about HIV/ AIDS or in different measures of condom use (5). Radio with other supporting media

There were six interventions of this type (6-11). All of the studies reported some measure of knowledge gain. With the notable exception of study C in China (7), most results tended not to be significant. In contrast, more studies than not showed positive effects on skills, knowledge about health services and social norms.

Strength of evidence of effectiveness for each intervention type by goal as outlined by the Declaration of Commitment of the UN General Assembly Special Session on AIDS (74)

Intervention type and Increase Improve skills Increase access to and Reduce vulnerability Reduce HIV

study design3 knowledge awareness of health prevalence services

Sb Mixed0 NSd S Mixed NS S Mixed NS S Mixed NS S Mixed NS

Type 1 (radio only)


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