Cancer control and quality of life

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Localized prostate cancer is multifocal in origin having an average of seven separate cancers, and when treated with radical prostatectomy a long disease-free survival is expected.38 Patients with prostate cancer evaluating different treatment options must weigh the consequences and alternatives associated with those options. The patient's quality of life after radical surgery must be evaluated, both in terms of what the patient desires from the surgery and what realistically the surgeon expects to occur - and these two viewpoints should be compared to prevent any surprises postoperatively. Quality of life refers to the psychosocial, emotional and physical outcomes of treatment as perceived by the patient.39 Sexual function remains one of the critical components of quality of life and can be objectively evaluated by quality of life studies, such as the RAND/UCLA Prostate Cancer Index with reasonable accuracy.19,40-43

Some studies reveal that nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy patients have a significantly better quality of life in terms of sexual function.19,20 Gralnek etal. found that nervesparing patients with spontaneous erections sufficient for intercourse had significantly better sexual function and

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