Modern RPP achieves excellent continence rates. The percentage of patients that achieve total urinary continence within 1 year postoperatively has been reported to range between 92% and 96%, depending on the definition used.4'5'16 Allowing for minimal leakage with strenuous exercise and use of one mini-pad per day, we quote our patients a continence rate of 98%. Continence following RPP is typically achieved early in the postoperative course, which has been suggested to constitute an advantage over RRP.12 Weldon etal. reported a return of continence with no routine pad use in 23% of patients at

1 month, 56% by 3 months and 90% by 6 months.16

Our own experience has been very similar. In an ongoing prospective quality of life study, 92% of patients reported use of no or a single pad at 6 months after RPP. By this point in time the patient's subjective quality of life in regards to urinary function and bother returned to baseline.17 Patients may, however, expect a further improvement of their continence up to 1 year following surgery.

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