Pathology Of Highgrade Pin And Other Possible Premalignant Lesions Of The Prostate

Strong support for high-grade PIN as the main premalignant lesion of prostate cancer is based on several lines of evidence derived from prostate cancer animal models, epidemiological, morphologic, genetic and molecular studies.

Animal models of prostate cancer

Several different animal models of prostate cancer have demonstrated that high-grade PIN is in the direct causal pathway to prostate cancer.41 The transgenic mouse model of prostate cancer (TRAMP) has been shown to mimic human prostate cancer.42,43 In the TRAMP model, the Probasin promoter -SV40 large T antigen (PB-Tag) transgene is expressed specifically in the epithelial cells of the murine prostate under the control of the probasin promoter. The probasin promoter is

Prostate Cancer: Science and Clinical Practice

Carcinogenesis Prostate Cancer

Carcinogenesis in Prostatic Adenocarcinoma

Prostatic tntmpnttefiai NeoptssĀ”a
Table 4.1. Estimated frequency of men harboring high-grade PIN in the USA.

Age (years)


Number of PINs

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