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During the month of January 2002, we utilized 13 widely used search engines to identify all sites found by the key words 'prostate cancer' (Table 23.1). This was done to ensure that the search was broad enough to include websites that focused specifically on urogenital disorders as well as those that had relevant content concerning prostate cancer. Some of these search engines have their own on-site information regarding prostate cancer (usually modest and generic information), and we excluded this from consideration; instead the search key words were introduced directly into the search 'box' on each search engine. America On-Line (AOL) was excluded as not being considered a search engine. The number of sites are presented in Table 23.1. For those search engines that returned more than 100 site results, only the first 70 were evaluated. If the search engine returned less than 100 results, all were evaluated. While performing the search and accessing the results generated, we subjectively evaluated the advantages and

Table 23.1. Search engines listed in alphabetical order used to seek out relevant websites on 'prostate cancer'.*

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