Components of a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Day Program

The following are general components or characteristics of almost any PsyR day program: service recipients (e.g., clients, consumers, members), staff, space, program ingredients, and scheduling. By understanding these you will understand the core elements of these programs. As you read their descriptions, notice that there is room for a good deal of variability within each element. This variability and the lack of universally agreed-on principles of PsyR have helped create a situation where it seems that no two programs are truly alike. Many professionals regard the idiosyncratic nature of day programs as a major strength. These different program types are seen as the laboratories where new PsyR strategies are developed and refined. Others point out that program differences create nearly insurmountable problems for program evaluation and research. If no two programs are alike, how can we determine which are superior or even which program elements are effective?

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