Goals Values and Guiding Principles of Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Introduction 110

Physical Rehabilitation as a Model for Psychiatric Rehabilitation 110 The Concept of Recovery 111 Goals, Values, and Guiding Principles 112

The Goals of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 113

The Values of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 115

Guiding Principles of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 119

A Proposed Integrated-Structural Model of Psychiatric Rehabilitation 125 Psychiatric Rehabilitation Ethics 126 Researching the Principles of Psychosocial

Rehabilitation 130 Researching and Promoting Recovery 132 The Future of Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Thought and Practice 133 Summary 134 Class Exercise 134 References 135

This chapter reviews the goals, values, and guiding principles of psychiatric rehabilitation (PsyR). Like any new and evolving discipline, the strategies and methods used in PsyR constantly undergo adjustment and change as the field matures and the methods become more refined. These differences are reflected by the wide scope of PsyR practice currently in use. Despite the diversity of practice, you will see that there is a great deal of agreement about the core elements that make up the belief system; that is, the goals and values of PsyR. This agreement is clearly demonstrated by the similarity among the many formulations of PsyR principles that have been suggested by different groups and authors.

This chapter will answer the following questions:

1. How does the concept of recovery inform the goals, values, and philosophy of psychiatric rehabilitation ?

2. What are the goals of psychiatric rehabilitation?

3. What are the defining values held by psychiatric rehabilitation professionals?

4. What are the guiding principles that inform state-of-the-art PsyR practice today?

5. What are the ethics of PsyR? Introduction

This chapter deals with the shared ideas and philosophy of psychiatric rehabilitation professionals as reflected in the services they provide. These concepts contribute to making PsyR a unique discipline. A relatively young field, PsyR is actively defining itself by amending its principles as its techniques and skills become more refined. PsyR is one specialty in the broader field of rehabilitation, to which it owes much of its philosophical base.

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  • jonah
    How does the concept of recovery inform the goals, values, and philosophy of PsyR?
    12 months ago
  • carmen
    How does the concept of recovery inform the goals, values, and philosphy of psyR?
    9 months ago

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