Implications for Science and Technology

Creative discovery has led to many technological breakthroughs and innovations in science and industry. Technological breakthroughs and success in science and industry have been evident in the extensive research into creative activity conducted by W.J. Gordon. He provides some source material that points to the relationship between invention, discovery, and learning. Creativity and analogies have led to breakthroughs in a wide variety of technological fields.

One example of the many technological breakthroughs and innovations in science and industry presented by Gordon occurred in 1865. John Boyd Dunlop was trying to think of a way to help his son be more comfortable when riding his bicycle over cobblestone streets. While watering his garden, he noticed how the hose resisted his fingers when he pressed his hand more firmly around it. He made the connections between the elastic resistance of the hose and how this type of elasticity would make his son more comfortable when biking. His first successful tire was made from a piece of garden hose.

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