Sources for Further Study

Devlin, Bernie, et al., eds. Intelligence, Genes, and Success: Scientists Respond to "The Bell Curve." New York: Springer, 1997. A number of psychologists and social scientists respond to the claims of Richard Hernnstein and Charles Murray.

Fancher, Raymond E. The Intelligence Men: Makers of the IQ Controversy. New York: W. W. Norton, 1985. Examines the historical contexts of the IQ controversy. The life experiences of the major hereditarians and environmentalists and how these experiences influenced their perspectives are emphasized. This book is easy to read and does an excellent job of making complex statistics understandable.

Goldsby, Richard. Race and Races. 2d ed. New York: Macmillan, 1977. Provides straightforward and accurate information about issues of race, racial differences, and racism. There is a balanced discussion of both the hereditarian and environmentalist perspectives of the IQ controversy. Enjoyable and easy to read for high school and college students alike.

Gould, Stephen Jay. The Mismeasure ofMan. Revised and expanded ed. New York: Norton, 1997. Gould replies to the work of Richard Hernnstein and Charles Murray, questioning both their motives and their methods.

Guthrie, Robert V. Even the Rat Was White. 2d ed. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 2004. Provides an excellent historical view of how psychology has dealt with race as an issue. The first section of the book focuses on methods of study, early psychological testing, and the development of racism in the profession of psychology.

Hernnstein, Richard, and Charles Murray. The Bell Curve. New York: Free Press, 1994. This book argues that differences in black and white IQ scores are genetically based.

Jensen, Arthur R. Bias in Mental Testing. New York: Free Press, 1980. An attempt to deal comprehensively with the issues of IQ testing and bias. Jensen challenges the criticisms against IQ tests and offers research to support his view that group differences in IQ test scores are not attributable to bias.

Kamin, Leon J. The Science and Politics ofIQ New York: Halstead Press, 1974. Discusses the political nature of the role psychologists have played in support of IQ testing. The role of psychologists in the eugenics movement and in education is discussed. Includes strong critiques of the work done by Cyril Burt and Arthur Jensen.

Montagu, Ashley, ed. Race and IQ New York: Oxford University Press, 1975. Written to challenge the interpretations offered by the hereditarians. Most of the articles included were previously published in professional journals or popular magazines. Some of the chapters contain very technical material; however, the authors generally do an effective job translating this into more understandable language.

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See also: Intelligence; Intelligence Tests.

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