Sources for Further Study

Bordens, Kenneth S., and Bruce B. Abbott. Research Design and Methods: A Process Approach. 5th ed. Mountain View, Calif.: Mayfield, 2001. Places the techniques of using surveys, interviews, and questionnaires for collecting data in the context of conducting research as a process from start to finish. A well-received textbook in psychology.

Converse, Jean M., and Stanley Presser. Survey Questions: Handcrafting the Standardized Questionnaire. Beverly Hills, Calif.: Sage Publications, 1986. Provides explicit, practical details for consideration when designing a questionnaire. Stresses the art of questionnaire creation.

Cozby, Paul C. Methods in Behavioral Research. 7th ed. Mountain View, Calif.: Mayfield, 2000. Examines the importance of survey research in the context of conducting experiments and doing research in psychology in general. Allows the reader to understand the research process from a broader perspective.

Judd, Charles M., Louise H. Kidder, and Eliot R. Smith. Research Methods in Social Relations. 6th ed. Pacific Grove, Calif.: International Thomson, 1991. A popular book whose writing style is exceptionally clear. Offers thorough information that introduces the reader to the process of doing research in psychology, including how to get an idea for a research topic, how to collect the information, how to be ethical with subjects, and how to report the results. Detailed information is provided on questionnaires and interviews.

Stewart, Charles J., and William B. Cash, Jr. Interviewing Principles and Practices. 9th ed. Boston: McGraw-Hill College, 2000. A hands-on introduction to interviewing which provides practical suggestions and tips along with background information.

Deborah R. McDonald

See also: Case-Study Methodologies.

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