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Anderson, Neil, Deniz S. Ones, and Handan Kepir Sinangil, eds. Handbook of Industrial, Work, and Organization Psychology. 2 vols. Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage, 2002. Volume 1 focuses on industrial psychology theories, techniques, and methods. Volume 2 offers specific case studies in topics such as motivation, leadership, organizational justice, and organizational development and change. Hilgard, Ernest Ropiequet. Psychology in America: A Historical Survey. San Diego, Calif.: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1987. Chapter 19, "Industrial and Organizational Psychology," is a definitive review of about eighty years of the field's advancement from a promising application of the new "scientific psychology" to a major subdiscipline of modern psychology. The subject is also covered in some of Hilgard's other chapters (for example, those on intelligence, on motivation, and on social psychology). Jewell, Linda N., and Marc Siegall. Contemporary Industrial/Organizational Psychology. 3d ed. Belmont, Calif.: Wadsworth, 1998. A text for an introductory college course offering excellent coverage of the discipline's topics. Written for students majoring in business as much as for those majoring in psychology. A book that almost anyone can understand. Rogelberg, Steven, ed. Blackwell Handbook of Research Methods in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. New York: Blackwell, 2002. A comprehensive overview of the field, useful to beginners and experts alike. Addresses both practical and theoretical issues of industrial psychology. Rosenzweig, Mark R., and Lyman W. Porter, eds. Annual Review of Psychology. Stanford, Calif.: Annual Reviews. Most volumes of this highly respected series contain a chapter or two on I/O psychology, indexed under "Personnel-Organizational Psychology." Each volume also contains a chapter title index for at least the previous decade, making location of particular topics reasonably easy.

Harry A. Tiemann, Jr.

See also: Motivation.

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