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Anderson, James W. "Henry A. Murray's Early Career: A Psychobiographical Exploration." Journal of Personality 56, no. 1 (1988): 139-171. An interesting presentation of the factors that led Henry Murray to become a psychologist and of how his experiences interacted with his theory. An excellent example of how one's life cannot be extricated from one's beliefs about human nature. Boring, Edwin G., and Gardner Lindzey, eds. A History of Psychology in Autobiography. Vol. 5. New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1967. In an autobiographical essay in volume 5 of this survey, Henry Murray presents a detailed view of his concepts and the influence of his work. Hall, Calvin Springer, Gardner Lindzey, and John Campbell. Theories ofPer-sonality. 4th ed. New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1998. A definitive reference for information on most personality theorists. A thorough book that gives a detailed explanation of most of Murray's concepts. Not recommended for the casual reader.

Schultz, Duane P. Theories of Personality. 5th ed. Belmont, Calif.: Brooks/ Cole, 1994. A review of the major aspects of Henry Murray's theory in an easy-to-read format. Provides substantial biographical information about Murray and how this influenced his theory.

Smith, M. B., and J. W. Anderson. "Henry A. Murray (1893-1988)." American Psychologist 44 (1989): 1153-1154. This obituary is a personal account of Murray's career and his impact on his students as well as on psychology. Covers not only the facts of Murray's work but also his perceptions of his work.

Brett L. Beck

See also: Aggression; Psychoanalytic Psychology.

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