Sources for Further Study

Batshaw, Mark L., ed. Children with Disabilities. 5th ed. Baltimore: Paul H. Brooks, 2002. A primer on developmental disabilities for educators, therapists, psychologists, social workers, health care professionals, and child advocates. Families can find useful information on medical and rehabilitation aspects of developmental disabilities. Copeland, Mildred E., and Judy R. Kimmel. Evaluation and Management ofIn-fants and Young Children with Developmental Disabilities. Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes, 1989. The authors present clear and concise descriptions of selected developmental disabilities, illustrated with photographs and sketches. Discussion of assessment and management is geared to teachers and parents.

Dowrick, Peter W. "University-Affiliated Programs and Other National Resources." In Handbook of Developmental Disabilities, edited by Lisa A. Kurtz, Peter W. Dowrick, Susan E. Levy, and Mark L. Batshaw. Gaithersburg,

Md.: Aspen, 1996. Provides a listing of referral sources by region and by state.

Roth, Shirley P., and Joyce S. Morse, eds. A Life-Span Approach to Nursing Care for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities. Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes, 1994. Though written for nurses, this book gives the general reader a foundation of information regarding developmental disabilities from a quality-of-life perspective.

Gabrielle Kowalski

See also: Autism; Mental Retardation.

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