Use with Career Goals

Kelly's personal construct theory has been used to explain, predict, and attempt to modify behavior in a wide range of circumstances. One interesting application involves the use of personal constructs in formulating career goals. A high school student, for example, may establish a goal of becoming a successful surgeon in the future. The nature of her constructs can then be examined to determine whether her constructs (as they relate to her own characteristics) are likely to lead to a medical career. She currently views herself as unintelligent rather than intelligent, dedicated to immediate gratification rather than delayed gratification, and lazy rather than hardworking. If she is eventually to become a successful physician, she must reject those constructs and develop a new construction system which is consistent with her career goals. The application of Kelly's theory to career choice is important. While one does not expect first-grade children to examine their own characteristics realistically in considering career options, much more is required of high school and college students. It is not sufficient to state that one wants to pursue a given career: The nature of one's constructs must be evaluated to determine if they are consistent with one's career goals. In those circumstances in which inconsistencies exist, either the constructs or the career goals must change.

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