Vnft n i jvk 2iv i

Next, consider the estimator ft arising from (1). Under the sequence of general contiguous alternatives, an approach similar to that for ft(n) can be applied, resulting in vnft n p, u)

as n — to, where p = (pi, ¡2, • • • , pk)', and

S°{h 9h (t)vh (0,t)sf](0,t)}Xh(t)dt j™ vh(0, t)sf*1 (ahgh(t),t)Xh(t)dt

Appendix II Equivalence of Q* and Q2 under the covariance structure V = u2 [(1 — p)I + pJ]

Yi = 1V1 and 72 = m-r denote the linear combinations of ft on which Qi and Q2 are based.

318 Qian H. Li and Stephen W. Lagakos

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