Weighted Logrank Tests With Multiple Events

1 EA 3614 - Laboratoire de Biomathématiques

3, rue du Professeur Laguesse - 59006 Lille cédex - France. [email protected]

2 Département MIA - INRA

Domaine de Vilvert - 78352 Jouy-en-Josas cédex - France. [email protected]

Summary. We focus on the two group comparison when subjects of the sample may experience multiple distinct events, possibly censored. Because of the correlation arising between failure times, the sum of the marginal test statistics is not accurate. We propose a multivariate version of weighted logrank tests derived from the marginal logrank statistics, and we study their asymptotic distribution under null hypothesis; we construct a consistent estimator of their covariance using martingales properties. We present a simulation study and an application of this method to a study aimed to prove the association between retinopathy and diabetes.

Key words: Censoring; Correlated failure times; Martingales; Weighted logrank test statistics

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