Hemodynamics And Pathology

In 1963, with the name of "primary pulmonary hypertension in children living at high altitude", Khoury and Hawes reported their findings in 11 infants from 6 to 23 months living in Leaville, Colorado (3,100 m). Five of them were moved to Denver, Colorado (1500 m) and had cardiac catheterization with an average mPAP of 44 mm Hg and a range of 28-72 mm Hg. Post-mortem studies in two patients showed severe RVH and marked hypertrophy of the medial muscular coat and intimal proliferation, but not occlusive lesions [25]. In the following years Tibetan investigators described similar pathological findings in 57 infants who died with the diagnosis of pediatric HAHD [28] and several years later, the same authors extended their investigations to 100 infants with HAHD [27]. Lin and Wu published their clinical observations in 286 cases of pediatric HAHD [30].

TABLE 8. Pulmonary arterial pressure in infants with subacute mountain sickness while

recovering at lower altitudes

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