Limitations And Expansion Of The Scoring System For Diagnosis Of Chronic Mountain Sickness

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Subacute mountain sickness and high altitude pulmonary edema are clinical entities associated with moderate or severe PH but with a distinct time course. Therefore, these diseases should be out of the scope of the Scoring System for CMS. On the other hand, the Scoring System should not be l imited to CMS and should be extended to other chronic high altitude diseases such as HAHD and HACP, since PH is a common feature to all of them, without significant differences. Moreover, most of the symptoms and signs are also similar with exception of the levels of hemoglobin and hypoxemia which, however, should be considered at the place of residence and not during the recovery at lower altitudes.


The author is indebted to the late Professor Alberto Hurtado, pioneer of the scientific research in Peru, for his valuable support to our classic investigation on chronic mountain sickness. I would also like to express my gratitude to all who were my collaborators at the Cardiovascular Laboratory of the High Altitude Research Institute, Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia. I am grateful to Hector Villagarcia, BSc, for his diligence in the diagramming support for this article.


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