Subacute Mountain Sickness


Five decades ago, Chinese investigators described in humans the counterpart of cattle brisket disease, with the name of High Altitude Heart Disease (HAHD) of the pediatric type [73]. This entity is mainly observed in infants of Chinese Han origin who are born at low altitude and then brought to high altitude where they develop PH and HF within a few weeks or months with a fatal outcome if the infants are not moved down to lower places. Pediatric HAHD is also observed in children from 2 to 14 years of age but the prevalence is lower than in infants. Prevalence of pediatric HAHD is higher in Han infants than in Tibetan infants [78]. The mechanism of SMS is ascribed to exaggerated hypoxic pulmonary reactivity of distal pulmonary arterial branches, which are muscularized in excess.

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