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In India, and particularly in the last twenty-five years in the West, tantric yoga has become a recognized term referring to work with sexual energy. It should be noted, however, there are 112 yoga tantras or techniques to bring the practitioner into a greater "expansion of knowledge." I note this now because less than 1 % of tantric yoga deals with sex. Yet, the issue of sexuality is so highly charged, that tantric yoga is sold in the West because of its association with sex, even though sex is less than 1% of it's actual practice. Furthermore, promotion of sex as tantra is a great marketing approach used by Indian "Gurus."

In working with sexual energy, however, and tantric yoga in its purest form, sexual energy is not seen as different from any other energy. In this way, "sexual energy" is not considered bad, unholy, or something that should be repressed. On the other hand, "sexual energy" is not seen as something that necessarily needs to be expressed. Normally, as mentioned earlier, we only have a polarity of choices: express (I will, I should) and repress (I shouldn't, I better not). This polarity, as all of us know, causes a conflict that has touched all of us at one time or another. In this approach however, sexual energy is allowed, recognized and observed, as what it is, energy in a different form than anger, or sadness or even physical objects (more about this later).

Tantric sex does not have a goal of orgasm. It is about what the definition of tantra is " the expansion of knowledge."

In Reich's orgasm cycle, the energy is discharged.

In tantric sex, however, there is tension, charge; your attention is turned around and the sensations are seen as energy. Notice what happens. Visually it can be seen and illustrated as follows.

As you see the sexual sensation as energy, a plateau is reached. Then through sexual activity, the charge is built up again and at the moment of charge you turn your attention around and see the sensations as energy, another plateau. Working at higher and higher plateaus without discharging the energy causes an "expansion of knowledge" which is tantra.

Many books have been written on this subject, and I cannot say what happens for a woman. For a man, however, when he sees the sexual energy as energy and plateaus, he will generally loose his erection. Then the sexual process must continue on to build charge. The purpose of expansion of knowledge must be clear, otherwise there will be a discharge (orgasm) at an early stage.

There is a wonderful phrase from an ancient yoga text, paraphrased, "If at the moment of orgasm, one could become introverted (and see the sensations as energy), one would experience the divine pulsation." The thought that is omitted is, "if at the moment of orgasm, you could remember.'

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