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These adverse effects after rectal cancer surgery on bowel function are related to sphincter or innervation damage [48] and the loss of rectal reservoir. The type of resection and the level of anastomosis may also play a role [49, 50]. Frequency of bowel motion, urgency, faecal leakage and incontinence are the most reported symptoms. Diarrhoea, constipation and flatus [51, 52] are also reported. Usually, these problems improve over time [53], but, especially in older patients, it can take a long time [54].

In stoma patients, there is much concern about flatus and foul odour [51, 55] but intensive pre-oper-ative education about colostomy irrigation seems to reduce the incidence of these side effects.

The incidence of diarrhoea in patients with or without a stoma seems to be equal [55], while constipation is a more common problem in patients undergoing APE [45].

The introduction of a colonic J-pouch after low AR may improve the QoL of patients [56] by increasing the volume of the neo-rectum [57]. It decreases mean stool frequency without a rise in faecal incontinence or surgical complications [58]. The use of a temporary proximal diversion is preferred by many Authors [59].

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