Ileocaecal Interposition Pouch

Reconstructive techniques based on the interposition of a segment of ileum between colon and rectal stump were proposed in the 1930s [65]. The most popular technique is the ileo-colon-rectoplasty of Jean Quénu. On the basis of these previous experiences, experimental and clinical reapplications of ileal or ileocaecal interposition pouch have been recently described. The ileocaecal interposition consists of the replacement of the excised rectum with a vascularised ileocaecal segment rotated 180° counter clockwise and interposed between sigmoid colon and anus. The principal advantage of this procedure, according to its proponents, is the improved preservation of both extrinsic and intrinsic innervations. Functional outcome and physiological data after this reconstruction appeared comparable to those observed in matched volunteers [66-70].

These kinds of procedures have never been widely accepted and their clinical applications are rare, which is mainly due to their technical difficulties and to the need of additional anastomoses. Moreover, such techniques are not proved to have more functional advantages than the other reservoirs, which, on the other hand, are more easily performed.

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