Intersphincteric Colo Anal Anastomosis

This technique, described by Schiessel et al. [19], includes the partial or total excision of the internal anal sphincter [20]. The approach is the same as Park's technique, but the abdominal dissection is more extended, between the two sphincters to a macroscopically healthy area. With a trans-anal approach the intersphincteric plane must be detected and the section performed. A handsewn anastomosis is then fashioned. With this technique it is possible to treat, with a radical intent, tumours located between 1 and 2 cm from levator plane, T1 and even T2, although with a morbidity higher than the ordinary colo-anal anastomosis [21].

Fig. 3a, b. Colo-anal anastomosis with rectal eversion

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