Probiotic Agents on Colorectal Physiology

On nutrition, probiotics are nutritional supplements containing living micro-organisms, e.g., bacteria or yeasts, that have a beneficial impact on the host by improving the endogenous flora when introduced to a human being. And we can expect that prophylactic treatment such as MBP with these agents or a real antimicrobial interference therapy on surgical practice.

Some series in surgical clinics, especially in liver transplantation, are encouraging [21]. In inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis after proctocolectomy, administration of probiotics avoids recurrence of pouchitis and shows excellent results in minimising the recurrence of this dismal complication [22].

Unfortunately, until now we have not known the true power of these agents, their safety, their power against other micro-organisms, their immunologic charge, etc. But in the future we are sure that probi-otics should be one of the most important strategies against the main threat of surgery, the onset of infection.

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