RFA, in a review of 3670 patients, proved to be safe and have low mortality rates (0.5%) and a low number of major complications (8.9%); the complications most frequently found were: abdominal bleeding (1.6%), injuries of the biliary tract (1%), injuries of other viscera (0.5%), vascular injuries (0.6%), lung complications (0.8%) and tumoral seedings along the needle insertion site (0.2%) [68].

Data about RFA treatment of hepatic metastases are limited and the results are affected by short follow-up. The response evaluation and local recurrence rate are heterogeneous and do not allow accurate comparisons. The Table 9 lists the most impor tant series of treatment of colorectal metastases. From these results we point out that that tumour size is an important factor for local effectiveness of the treatment. For lesions smaller than 3 cm, the rate of complete response is higher than 90% with local recurrences in less than 10%. For larger lesions, efficacy is lower and local recurrences reach 30% [69]. Despite the good results in terms of local effectiveness, for metastases smaller than 3 cm there are no data about effects on improving survival.

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