Specialisation and Colorectal Unit

Garcia-Granero et al. examined the results of 94 patients operated on by 14 general surgeons in a university general surgery department to the outcomes of 108 patients operated on by only 4 surgeons once a specialised colorectal unit had been formed [31]. The colorectal unit's rate of performing APRs dropped significantly. Likewise the rate of pelvic recurrence was 11% for the unit as opposed to 25% for the general surgery unit.

Smedh et al., in a similar comparison of rectal resection results of a recently formed specialised unit (144 patients) to the prior results of a larger group of surgeons (133 patients), reported the peri-operative results [32]. Regarding the colorectal unit's results, the post-operative mortality rate decreased from 8 to

1%, the overall post-operative complication rate dropped from 57 to 24%, the re-operation rate fell from 11 to 4% (p<0.05), and the length of stay dropped from 13 to 9 days.

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