The Technique by Means of Salvatis Operating Proctoscope

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The cheaper modality offers Salvati's proctoscope, originally designed for electrocoagulation for rectal cancer [14]. Salvati believed that electrocoagulation could be a primary therapy for early rectal cancer. Further experiences were published, e.g., Zammit et al. [15]. Today it is a useful instrument for perianal resection of rectal tumours under direct vision. The main features are its wide lumen (4 cm in diameter), an oblique end, a smoke evacuation channel and a light channel. It is insulated to protect from diathermy damage and comes in 2 lengths: 12 and 19 cm.

This technique does not differ from TEM in the positioning of the patient, infiltration of mucosa and the use of various regimens of diathermy. It is important to resect the specimen in one piece as tumour fragmentation increases the risk of recurrence [16].

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