Acceleration of Acute Wound Repair by Topically Applied Agents

A wide variety of topical agents have been employed to accelerate the normal repair process and produce stronger scar tissue in acute wounds of normal skin. Application of healing accelerants as early as possible after wounding is desirable, because of the cascade effects that carry through to later stages of healing. TABLE 4.1 summarizes some of the many topical agents that have been used to accelerate the repair of wounded

TABLE 4.1 Agents That Have Been Found, Singly or in Combination, to Accelerate the Repair of Normal Skin Wounds When Applied Topically

Growth Factors EGF FGF-2 TGF-ß Human GF

Other Accelerants

Extract of C. argentia leaf




Pig enamel matrix derivative



Oleic n-9 fatty acids

HB-107 cecropin B peptide

Antiscarring Agents Chitosan

N-O carboxylmethyl chitosan Celicoxib

Anti-TGF-ß1, 2 antibodies

Hyaluronic acid/chondroitin sulfate hydrogel

Debriding Agents


Papain/urea normal skin. What is usually measured in animal experiments is how rapidly the diameter or area of a wound decreases with respect to controls. This measure is correlated to biochemical and structural parameters of repair such as collagen synthesis and accumulation and histological appearance of repair tissue.

Skin Disease Dynamics

Skin Disease Dynamics

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