Comparable software application qBASE was recently developed by colleagues to offer solutions to compare more real-time set-ups (Hellemans et al., 2006). QBASE is an Excel®-based tool for the management and automatic analysis of real-time quantitative PCR data (http://medgen.ugent.be/ qbase). The qBASE browser allows data storage and annotation while keeping track of all real-time PCR runs by hierarchically organizing data into projects, experiments, and runs. It is compatible with the export files from many currently available PCR instruments and provides easy access to all the data, both raw and processed. The qBASE analyzer contains an easy plate editor, performs quality control, converts CP values into normalized and rescaled quantities with proper error propagation, and displays results both tabulated and in graphs. One big advantage of the program is that it does not limit the number of samples, genes and replicates, and allows data from multiple runs to be combined and processed together (Hellemans et al., 2006). The possibility of using up to five reference genes allows reliable and robust normalization of gene expression levels, on the basis of the geNorm normalization procedure (Vandescompele et al., 2002). qBASE

allows the easy exchange of data between users, and exports tabulated data for further statistical analyses using dedicated software.

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