Medical Treatment of Retinal Detachment

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Stellwag in 1861 and Donders in 1866 proposed rest as essential for treatment of retinal detachment [11,12]. By rest, it was meant the immobility of the body and the eyes, with the latter being the more important component; both eyes were bandaged, atropine was applied for intraocular immobility, and complete immobility of the body was achieved by laying on the back with the head sandwiched between sandbags. Samelsohn in 1875 suggested compression bandaging combined with rest for many weeks [13]. Mendoza in 1920 recommended a plaster mould that would fit the eye and the orbital ridges and therefore apply even pressure to the eye [14]. Further, Marx in 1922 advised a salt-free diet to promote the absorption of subretinal fluid [15].

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