Second Category of Difficult Detachments

These are detachments with local vitreous traction that caused the redetachment of a horseshoe tear that had been buckled or detachments with proliferative vitreoretinopathy in more than two quadrants. In these detachments, a primary vitrectomy may be indicated. However, it is not indicated per se if the starfolds are more than 1 clock hour from the tear to be buckled. In these difficult detachments, buckling first is advisable (Fig. 6.8) [33-35]. However, if one decides upon a vitrectomy, it has to be combined with a meticulous removal of proliferative preretinal membranes and the anterior vitreous. Why? Because the additional gas tamponade, combined with the vitrectomy, can provoke anterior vitreoretinal proliferation.

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