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Social justice and social responsibility A career ethic

Worked as a research psychologist with the Office of War Information for the federal government studying morale among black civilians. In 1942 he became a professor of psychology at City College, City University of New York, a position he held until his retirement in 1975. Clark was the first black full professor at City College. In 1946 the Clarks founded the Northside Child Development Center in Harlem. They received financial assistance from Phipps-Clark's parents, and volunteer commitments from psychologists and social workers. The center was the first full-time child guidance center in Harlem to offer psychiatric, psychological, and casework services to children and families. One particular contribution was the Center's intelligence testing services, which provided evidence to counter the public schools' misplacement of minority children in programs for the mentally retarded. Phipps-Clark served as Center Director until her retirement in 1979.

Differential Item Functioning

Differential item functioning (DIF) arises when one or more items in a scale perform differently in various subgroups of patients. Suppose a physical functioning scale contains a number of questions, one of which is Do you have trouble going to work Such a question might be a good indicator of physical problems for many patients, but could be expected to be less useful for patients who have reached retirement age. They would not experience trouble going to work if they were no longer in employment. As a consequence a summated scale which includes this question could yield misleading results. If retirement age is 65, say, there might appear to be an improvement in the average scale score at the age of 66 when compared with 64, simply because fewer 66-year-olds report trouble going to work. The item trouble going to work could therefore result in a biased score being obtained for older patients.

Disorganization In Everyday Life From Observation To Experimentation

It was not possible on the basis of Shallice and Burgess's (1991) data, however, to speculate on the anatomical localization of the lesion critical for this pattern of deficit, as the patients had suffered large traumatic lesions. Two years later, however, Goldstein, Bernard, Fenwick, Burgess, and McNeil (1993) described a case that began to suggest a possible locus. This 51-year-old right-handed man (GN) had undergone a left frontal lobectomy 2.5 years earlier following the discovery of a frontal lobe tumor (mixed astrocytoma-oligodendroglioma). A 5-cm resection of the left frontal lobe from the frontal pole was undertaken. From the point of view of traditional neuropsychological tests, this surgery made little difference to his cognitive abilities (e.g., Verbal IQ of 129, Performance IQ of 111 Story Recall Immediate 75-90th percentile, Delayed 50-70th percentile Rey-Osterreith Delayed Figure Recall 80-90th percentile Trail-Making 70-75th percentile). However, this did not reflect...

Impact On Society Of An Aging Population

In developed countries, by 2020, the working population aged 15-65 years will fall from 22 in 1996 to 16 . Those aged 65 years and over will increase to 20 from 16 (US Bureau of Census 1996). In the USA, 60 years ago, the retirement age for Social Security 'pension' was designed for an expected average lifespan of 65 years. Already this has been pushed back to 67 years by year 2004, and additional legislation will probably push the age requirements back to 70 in 10 years' time, when the 'baby boomers' swell the retired population. Of great concern is the social and financial impact of Alzheimer's disease, whose incidence per capita increases to 32 of the surviving population at ages 80-85 (and declines rapidly after age 85). Many live with this disease for 5-8 years before succumbing. This causes enormous detriment to the surviving spouse and family and to family finances, and must eventually impact Medicaid and Medicare Federal and State budgets. The duration of financial burden of...

Care Of Patients Relatives Breaking bad news

The issue of breaking bad news to relatives is extremely important and should be undertaken by a senior and experienced member of staff. Conversations of this nature should take place in a quiet room without interruption. Relatives must be allowed time to reflect on the news and to ask any questions they wish. The news may be devastating even if the arrest had occurred after a lengthy and serious period of illness. Several sensitive issues may need to be broached with the relatives, such as whether or not a post mortem is required and the possibility of organ donation (Department for Work and Pensions 2003).

Importance of Sampling Procedures

When research is intended to reveal very precisely what a population is like, careful sampling procedures must be used. This requires defining the population and sampling people from the population in a random fashion so that no biases will be introduced. In order to learn what elderly people think about the medical services available to them, for example, a careful sample of the elderly population is needed. Obtaining the sample only from retirement communities in Arizona would bias the results because these individuals are not representative of all elderly people in the population.

The Self as a Regulator of Individual Processes

Identity is defined as who a person is, including not only the personal ideas in the self-concept but also the public perceptions of a person in his or her social context (for instance, birth name or roles in cultural institutions). Identity consists of two major features continuity or sameness of the person over time and differentiation of the person as unique compared to others and groups of others. As mentioned with regard to Erikson's theory and Marcia's research, adolescence has been demonstrated to be a primary stage for exploring the values, beliefs, and group memberships that constitute identity. However, identity continues to evolve during adulthood with changes in roles (such as student versus parent) and activities (work versus retirement).

Advantages Of Infrared Thermometers

Where he worked until retirement in 1992. He was research leader and the technical advisor for soil-plant-atmosphere relations for the Western Region of the ARS. He was an adjunct professor of soil and water science at the University of Arizona, Tucson. In the summer of 1964 he was an OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) fellow at Rothamsted Experimental Station, England.

The process of individuation

Main points One of the most interesting features of Jung's concept of individuation is that he regarded it as the central task of the second half of a person's life. Modern youth-obsessed culture does not place much value on midlife and the post-retirement years, but Jung saw this phase of life as an opportunity to achieve personal integration and wholeness. For him, the first half of life is a relatively uninteresting preparation for the individuation process. In the first half of a person's life, he or she fulfills one's obligations, in Jung's words separates from one's family of origin, completes one's schooling, finds a mate, and starts a new family. But after these external goals have been reached, a person must look inward and confront the parts of the self that have been neglected or suppressed. Jung's study of personality types had convinced him that people develop in a one-sided fashion during the first half of life. In order to accomplish their goals, they typically overuse...

Professor Sant Saran Bhojwani

After serving the University of Delhi for 35 years, Professor Bhojwani took voluntary retirement to serve the Dayalbagh Educational Institute (Deemed University), Agra as its Honorary Director. Married to Shaku, Dr Bhojwani discharged his family obligations well and timely with both the children married and settled happily with their families. His daughter, Anjli Sarup, married to Mr Gursewak Maneesh, is living in Allahabad whereas his son Nova, with his dentist wife, Kokila has recently moved to the U.S.A. as a Software Engineer. His wife Shaku in the true Indian tradition extended her full support to the husband and deserves appreciation for her forbearance and active interest throughout his career, especially during the long periods when Professor Bhojwani was away completing academic assignments.

George M Lazarus Md Faap

Differences between the sexes are apparent even from the blastocyst stage of development. Testosterone in the male fetus reaches adult levels and likely affects the organization of the brain as well as the genitals. At birth, there are more males, but mortality is greater among boys. This is particularly evident among premature infants of every birth weight and gestational age category. As we age, males continue to die at an excessive rate and earlier than females. By the time we reach retirement, women outnumber men. We still do not understand fully why this is so, but it is clear to me that the reasons are largely biological.

The Story of Joanna An Experience of the Linear Continuum Approach

Joanna is a 32-year-old woman who has never had a home of her own as an adult. She was diagnosed with a severe mental illness in her senior year of high school. She spent the next 10 years shuffling back and forth between psychiatric hospitals and her parents' home. When Joanna was 28 and residing at a state institution, her parents informed her and the hospital staff that when she was ready for discharge they could not take her back home. They were in the process of selling their house and moving to a retirement community and felt it was an appropriate time for Joanna to become less dependent on them. Joanna was put on a waiting list for a residential program that ran three types of facilities group homes (with staff supervision 24 hours a day), a supervised apartment complex, and semi-supervised scattered site apartments.

Yale Laboratories of Primate Biology

Eventually, the Rockefeller Foundation did renew its funding, but with a decreasing budget each year. Just when it looked as though the laboratory's days might be numbered, the dean of the Yale Medical School worked out a deal to save the facility. Part of the deal, however, was that Yerkes would retire. Yerkes, who was in his sixties, realized that he had no choice but to comply. Upon his retirement in 1941,

Brief Overview

Her love of both teaching and research kept Ainsworth working well past her official retirement at age 80. She was a co-recipient of the APA's first mentoring award in 1998, the same year she was also honored with one of the APA's highest recognitions the Gold Medal Award for Life Achievement in the Science of Psychology.

Adaptive Testing

Another application for tailored tests relates to DIF. In some scales it may be difficult to avoid item bias, and the investigators may even decide deliberately to include DIF items. As a rather contrived example, suppose an instrument is required for use in a clinical trial that will be entering patients aged from 10 to 70. It might be desired to obtain a single indicator of physical function even though it can be argued that good physical functioning will take on a different meaning for children as opposed to adults. In such a situation the investigator might have one question for adults about going to work, a different question for children about going to school, and possibly other questions aimed at other subgroups of patients such as the retired. Then each question would be relevant only for its own target subgroup, and would function differently for other patients. The results might be analysed by converting the individually targeted questions into the equivalent of the single...

Career Development

Database Data Flow Diagram

Career development, like monetary rewards, is something that is of concern to everybody in employment, particularly for staff in their early years with a company. Most people in work, with the exception of those nearing retirement age, like to feel that there is a career path stretching in front them. They want to know where this is leading and how they are going to progress along the route. It is the job of any Manager


By the time the Terman gifted group reached retirement age, it was clear that the study had not realized the hope of identifying eminence. None of the children selected had, as adults, won a Nobel Prize, although two children who were rejected for the study later did so (physicist Luis Alvarez and engineer William Shockley). High IQ scores did not seem to be characteristic of artistic ability. Apparently, an IQ score of 140 or above as a criterion for

Fritz Heider

Heider left Germany for the United States in 1930 to accept a research position at the Clarke School for the Deaf in Northampton, Massachusetts. He fell in love with Grace Moore, a fellow researcher at Clarke, and married her in December 1930. The Heiders had three sons during their years in Northampton they also provided Kurt and Gertrud Lewin with a place to stay during the Lewins' first months in the United States. In 1947 the Heiders left Massachusetts for Kansas, where Fritz had been appointed a full professor at the University of Kansas. He remained at Kansas until his retirement in the 1960s, although he continued to do research and work on the notebooks that he had kept throughout his career. The notebooks were published in six volumes shortly before his death in 1988. Heider was honored by the American Psychological Association in 1965, when he received the APA's Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award.

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