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Panic Away

Joseph Barry McDonagh is the brain behind Panic Away. Not much is known about the founder of this now popular and useful program. It is however, evident that he is a former student of University College Dublin. There is little information on his specialty in College but he insists that he is not a psychiatrist or psychologist. As a sufferer from panics, Joseph Barry McDonagh sought information from the works of Dr. Victor Frankl. The documents were created in the 1950s. It is from these documents that McDonagh designed the Panic Away program.

McDonagh has a seven-year record of accomplishment as an active member of international mental health organizations. His long track record as led him to help at least 150,000 sufferers and relieved them from their anguish in anxiety.

Product Contents

According to the Panic Away introduction of the book, it is responsible for relieving thousands of people from their anxiety disorders. Problems include panic attacks, phobias, and general anxiety. If you suffer from agoraphobia or claustrophobia, this program is tailor-made for you. It is appropriate for patients with long years of suffering as well as those who experienced their first instance of panic.

The panic away program includes a 21-7 technique to guide a user to patience. It is designed for anxiety disorders to help calm people experiencing panic attacks. The program reduces the frequency and helps them live without having to deal with the debilitating episodes

Solutions of Panic Away

The Panic Away book offers solutions to several problems associated with anxiety. For example, feeling your heart race or rapid breathing, getting the pins and needles feeling, tension in the chest and neck, shallow breathing, and shaking or trembling. Some people feel the need to escape a situation.

The panic attacks range from mild to very intense and to some people, they may be quite debilitating. The conditions can cause the patient to act irrationally if they persist. You may therefore find yourself doubting your sanity because of the insane decisions you make during a panic attack.

Luckily, it is possible to treat panic attacks by medication and therapy. The Panic Away program has therefore, proven an important method of treatment to many patients for many years since its inception. It has worked in many countries.

Product Format

Originally, Panic Away used to be a simple text document available online. It aimed at relieving anxiety as the sole purpose. The e-book had many pages that proved cumbersome for many users. It felt as if most of the material was used as fillers and hence the need to skip and get to the main and helpful information. It would almost seem that it was created to be large enough to attract a higher value in price. Some customers complained on the high cost of the book when it only covered a section of the topic on panic attacks.

The program underwent a major transformation to include multimedia programs such as audios and videos.  Today, there are video series with testimonials that are exciting to watch and easy to follow. For example, the new version includes women such as Jane who experiences panic attacks. There is also video demonstration of the techniques she uses that are useful to other people with similar experiences.

The Relevance

For those people who have struggled with many years of anxiety problem, Panic Away can help you get a quick solution. It provides the main concept, strategy, and technique being taught in Panic Away. It offers the first key step to anxiety freedom. The issues shared in the videos easily sink in your brain effectively to help you deal with panic.

People suffering from panic attacks are vulnerable to acting in improper ways that worsen their situation. Their actions are highly likely to fuel further panic attacks hence affecting them more. Panic Away offers actionable solutions for both newbies and long-term sufferers of anxiety. It does not require an intermediate level of technical skills.

The Panic Away program has proven helpful to thousands of people ready to follow instructions. Today many people have testified of improvement from anxiety problems. The medication is therefore, a good recommendation to people of all ages and special medical conditions.

Panic Away
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