Tone Your Tummy Review

Who Designed This Product?

Todd Lamb is the author of this product and went through the process himself. Before he had tried anything and everything to flatten his belly until he discovered this method.

As a former SWAT agent and soldier in the Special Services Unit of the Canadian Forces, when his belly started getting soggy and fat, he was desperate, and actually tried to work out a lot having no results. He dieted, worked out tirelessly and was frequently frustrated and found hating himself because he wasn’t reaching body ideals.

Later in life, when he was in a really bad place, he met someone who gave him a piece of wisdom. Someone who had traveled and knew lots of methods that weren’t only what we know as common weight loss ways. He presented him with the ideas of core energy balance, and how if it isn’t correct there is nothing in the world you can do to flatten your belly.

Based on a natural, ancient methodology he developed an amazing method that won’t need you to kill yourself for achieving what we consider a healthy body. His strategies will not only flatten your belly but actually help you feel better about yourself.

The method has helped lots of people around the world achieve the body of their dreams.

Why can’t you get a flat belly? What is different about Tone your Tummy?

The problem is, many times when we are attempting to flatten our bellies we overwork ourselves, we work out too much, enter exhausting diets and have overall exhaustion that isn’t helping us. A jiggly belly can really mess up your self-esteem, too.

This product will help you solve the problem, and since you are attacking the root of the problem, which is that you don’t have an adequate natural flow of energy through your core, it will actually be long term.

You will fix the problem of not having a flat belly and do it from the very origin. Not only that but you will be feeling great with yourself.

The main objective of this program is those who aren’t being able to achieve results otherwise. The thing is, according to the philosophy under which this program is based, you won’t be able to achieve a flat tummy if you don’t have the correct energy balance in your body. So, this program works for everyone. In the beginning, you get the tissue preparation so that you are able to do everything that follows. Also, regardless of the level you are in, the coaching will help you adapt the program to your specific capabilities. The thing is, it really doesn’t make a difference if you are a pro on working out or if you have never been in a gym in your life if your natural energy flow is not working correctly.

What Is Tone Your Tummy?

Tone your tummy is a series of more than one product that includes books, recipe books, and exercise videos. First, there is the main manual which is called “The Tone your Tummy Manual”. This first manual will teach you how to balance your core muscles and get quicker results.  You’ll learn how to improve your tissue quality.

Then you get the 2-week quick start system. After seeing changes in your stomach, your tissue is ready to be reprogramed for you to start achieving the success you are looking for. This is when you will begin to see the most drastic changes and actually feel your core getting stronger.

For every phase these include, you get a series of videos to exercise according to what stage you are on. The exercises are specially designed to give your belly either the detox, regeneration, muscle development or tightening they need.

These also include a bunch of nutrition plans and recipes. There is a tea recipe that will help you get rid of bloating that comes straight from Nepal. The tea helps your muscles work, and you have to do nothing.

 Even if this method is significantly easier than others, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of what you eat. The nutrition plan and tea recipe it includes are designed to accelerate the results. This nutrition plan is not supposed to be anything exceptional, but it is healthy and will help you get the body you are looking for.

You also get a supplement guide, a calendar to keep you motivated, and a book called “Whole body strength and tone workouts” which are workouts that are designed to be as short as possible providing the best results with minimal effort. 

There is also a promotion in which you can get extra manuals. One is called the “Fix and Flatten Gut Health Protocol” what this manual will do is help you get rid of all the toxins that are making you bloated right now. Following this manual, you are able to lose up to 3 inches of waist that are actually there because of toxin retention.

You will also receive the manual perfect butt solution, which will not only get you to have a flatter stomach, but also a tighter butt. This way you will be able to actually get a full body transformation.

This is a program, you can enroll with it and receive a bunch of material. What you get are manuals, you get recipe books and video tutorials on how to do everything you have on manual. There is the option of getting a monthly membership where you can access an online coaching resource. This program also offers a Facebook group where you can ask questions and interact with others who have used this program.

Tone Your Tummy
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