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Dedicated to our parents, Alfred and Friedel Möller and Emil and Edith Reif, in love and gratitude.

Preface to the Third Edition

Medicine is, fortunately, constantly evolving. Imaging diagnosis is no exception. Technical improvements guarantee further developments in diagnosis. Computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) have attained a recognized value in the diagnosis of the heart, which is continuing to increase. For this reason, we have now provided a separate chapter on diagnostic imaging of the heart. We have placed sectional CT images next to MR images of the heart to facilitate classification. We have limited ourselves to scans which are presently recognized as standard. In the CT images of the coronary vessels of the heart we have diverged from the conventional designations and numbered the vessels as suggested by the American Heart Association in 1975. Other procedures in MRI and CT visualization of the vascular system have also further improved. For example, stepwise shifts of the table top have become standard procedures in angiography of the pelvis and leg. Like earlier editions, this edition contains current original images complemented by color illustrations on the opposite page. We have continued to follow our successful method, which combines great clarity with a high level of detail.

For the production of images we are especially grateful to our radiology assistants, Silke Köhl, Sabine Mattil, Stefanie Müller, Heike Philippi, Brigitte Schild, Petra Weber, and Tanja Breunig, and also to Birgit Reuter and Marion Hellinger of the Siemens Manufacturing Center. We owe the good coronary CTs on our 64-line CT to our colleagues Christoph Buntru and Heike Ringling. We express our heartfelt gratitude for intensive discussions and helpful suggestions to our colleagues Sigrid Roth and Simone Zenner.

Torsten B. Moeller, Emil Reif


I Thorax

CT of the Thorax—Axial 2

MRI of the Thorax—Sagittal 30

MRI of the Thorax—Coronal 46

CT of the Heart—CT Angiography 58

MRT of the Heart—Two Chamber View of the

Left Ventricle 64

MRT of the Heart—Four Chamber View of the

Left Ventricle 66

MRT of the Heart—Short Axis View 68

MRT of the Heart—Left Ventricular Inflow and

Outflow Tract 70

MRT of the Heart—Left Ventricular Outflow Tract 72

MRT of the Heart—Two Chamber View of the

Right Ventricle 74

MRT of the Heart—Right Ventricular Outflow Tract 76

Aorta—MR Angiography 78

Pulmonary Vessels—MR Angiography 80

MR Mammography—Axial 82

I Abdomen

CT of the Abdomen—Axial 84

MRI of the Abdomen—Sagittal 132

MRI of the Abdomen—Coronal 150

Renal Artery—MR Angiography 162

MR Angiography of the CoeliacTrunk—MR Angiography .. 164 MR Angiography of the Splenic and Portal Veins—

MR Angiography 166

MR Cholangiopancreatography 168


MRI of the Female Pelvis-Axial 170

MRI of the Female Pelvis-Sagittal 182

MRI of the Female Pelvis-Coronal 192

MRI of the Male Pelvis-Sagittal 208

MRI of the Male Pelvis-Coronal 216

MRI of the Prostate-Axial 226

MRI of the Testes-Sagittal 230

| Lower Extremity

MR Angiography of the Lower Extremity-

MR Angiography 232

Bibliography 234

Index 235




Lower Extremity

Sectional Anatomy Lower Extremity

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