Pyramidalis Muscle

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1. Body of uterus (myometrium)

2. Uterus (junctional zone)

3. Uterus (endometrium)

4. Uterus (cavity)

5. Rectus abdominis muscle

6. Vesicouterine pouch

7. Urinary bladder

8. Fatty layer between urinary bladder, urethra, and vagina

10. Urethra

11. Pubis

12. Deep transverse perineal muscle

13. Arcuate pubic ligament

14. Labium minus and majus

15. Palmate folds (of cervix of uterus)

16. Rectum

17. Cervical canal

18. Rectouterine pouch (of Douglas)

19. Portio

20. Anococcygeal ligament and leva-tor ani muscle

21. Fatty layer between vagina and rectum

22. Anal canal and anus

23. Perineal body

24. External anal sphincter muscle

External Anal Sphincter Muscle

1. Small intestine

2. Internal abdominal oblique muscle

3. External abdominal oblique muscle

4. Anterior superior iliac spine

5. Superficial epigastric artery

6. Gluteus medius muscle

7. Femoral artery, vein and nerve

8. Pectineus muscle

9. Pubic symphysis

10. Rectus femoris muscle

11. Rectus abdominis muscle

12. Ilium

13. Transversus abdominis muscle

14. Iliopsoas muscle

15. Pyramidalis muscle

16. Tensor fasciae latae muscle

17. Pubis

18. Adductor longus muscle

19. Vastus lateralis muscle

20. Superficial inguinal lymph node

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