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Right lung

Parietal pleura (costal part) and muscles of thorax (innermost and internal intercostal muscles) Falciform ligament of liver Diaphragm Liver (right lobe) External intercostal muscle Rib (7)

Lesser omentum

Transversus abdominis muscle

Right colon flexure

Internal abdominal oblique muscle


External abdominal oblique muscle


Gluteus medius muscle

16. Iliopsoas muscle

17. Right ventricle

18. Apex of heart

19. Serratus anterior muscle

20. Left lung (costodiaphragmatic recess)

Left lobe of liver Stomach

Greater omentum Right gastroepiploic artery Transverse colon

26. Jejunum

27. Anterior superior iliac spine Sigmoid colon Iliacus muscle Rectus abdominis muscle Gastro-omental lymph nodes

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