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Pheromone Advantage

Pheromone Advantage is a formula that Dr. Virgil Amend has designed and tested rigorously in the real world, designed to ignite passions in women without even knowing why they can't resist you. Dr. Amend is one of the world's leading experts on pheromones, and his research will have a direct affect on your love life with this product. Pheromone Advantage uses a carefully-selected and tested blend of pheromones to arouse feelings of desire on a deep and primal level in the women around you. Your problem will be selected which women you want; this pheromone blend is powerful enough that most women in the area will have a deep sexual attraction to you. Pheromone Advantage is certain to be the most effective thing you have ever done to your love life. Pheromones cannot be detected physically; but you will see the effects without a doubt! All you have to do is apply the solution to your exposed skin, then you're off to the best sex of your life! Read more...

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Contents: One 1oz Bottle
Creator: Dr. Virgil Amend
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Price: $49.95

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Acquired Resistance

Enterococci possess several different types of mobile genetic elements that may be transferred from one strain to another. One class consists of broad-host-range plasmids, which may be transferred between enterococci and to various other Gram-positive bacteria such as staphylococci, streptococci, Bacillus spp. and lactobacilli. These plasmids transfer during filter mating but not usually in broth. Another type of plasmid, referred to as narrow-host-range plasmids because they appear to transfer primarily to E. faecalis, responds to sex pheromones produced by the recipient cells. There are many different known pheromones that act on specific pheromone-responsive plasmids. In response to pheromones, these plasmids initiate the production of aggregation substance (clumping factor) which leads to sticking together of donor and recipient cells. The transfer frequency of plasmids is markedly increased by this mechanism, and transfer occurs in broth as well as during filter matings (Clewell...

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